The Lone Wolf (Randy Martin)

Builder, Texas Flip N Move

When it comes to renovation projects, Randy likes the biggins. He’s been in the business for 30 years. Flying solo, the Lone Wolf likes to leave his buyers hungry for more. It takes gumption to go it alone, but with high risk comes high reward. A hustler by nature, The Lone Wolf divides his profits between himself and no one. Cha Ching!

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I’ve always thought that home design is really about making spaces that you would want to be in yourself. I had a lot of fun with this porch— it’s about as wide open as West Texas. I wanted to make a space that would let as much light in as possible, without cutting off the breeze. I think it turned out just right.

Making Hay While The Sun Is Shining

Oversize Load! You might want to upgrade your bandwidth for this one. I just relocated seven 64′ portables and installed some stringers.

What A Ride!

My Goodness!

I just logged onto Facebook and realized I’ve hit 10,000 followers. That’s not very far from the census population for Azle, Texas. What a ride it’s been!

Don’t Get Suckered

Don’t get suckered into something silly. Play it cool and let the deals find you.

When you’re at an auction and you know there is big value in the mix it’s always best to keep your cool. Doing well at an auction is just as much about reading other interested buyers as well as the property. If you can stay calm and keep your cool then you’ll be just right.

Bow To Your Sensei!

“Take a look at what I’m wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.”

Finding Big Value

A lot of people ask me, “Hey Randy how do you keep finding the right kinds of houses for flippin?”

The answer is always the same. “You gotta’ keep your nose to the ground.” Take this for example, today I was out looking at a house and I saw this off the side of the road. Its just two trash cans right?

Wrong. That installation is from the 1960’s, meaning this neighborhood hasn’t been updated in a long time. Once I saw it I knew that if I kept driving down to the end I’d probably find other houses with lots of value as well. Sure enough, I followed the dead end road down to the end and found what I was looking for—big value. So follow your nose and you might just find a whole lot of green. Cha Ching!

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